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Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze - Gorechosen of Dromm

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Key Features

  • A warband expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze, featuring three gruesome miniatures
  • Includes a complete Rivals deck for out-of-the-box play and customisation
  • Contains nearly 70 cards, including universal cards and Grand Alliance cards for use by multiple warbands

Dromm, Wounder of Worlds, lord amongst the Slaughterpriests of Khorne, seeks to commit the ultimate act of violence in the name of his murderous god. He leads his group of Gorechosen to the very nadir of the Nethermaze, where he plans to enact a grand blood ritual upon tectonic weak points to wound Ulgu itself, sending black, liquid lava spilling into the seas above, and thereby poisoning them beyond recovery. His companions are the Skullgrinder Herax, a creator of grim and bloody artefacts, and the muscle-bound Gorehulk, an ex-Slaughterpriest who is now more akin to a beast than man. Nothing will stop Dromm in his quest to bleed Ulgu dry.

The Gorechosen of Dromm offer a ritualistic approach to the violent worship of Khorne. The warband claims blood tithe tokens by dealing and suffering damage throughout the battle, then expends them to fuel powerful abilities – such as Dromm's unique Enrage action, which can send friend and foe charging across the Nethermaze in a frenzy. This box includes a complete Rivals deck, plus loads of extra cards allowing you to try out a few tricks, as well as universal cards and Grand Alliance cards to use with your other warbands.

This set includes:

  • 3x push-fit Gorechosen of Dromm miniatures – no glue required to assemble, cast in bloody red plastic to stand out even when unpainted.
  • 3x double-sided fighter cards, one for each warrior in the warband – Skullgrinder Herax, the Gorehulk, and Dromm, Wounder of Worlds.
  • A further 66 cards to enhance your fighters and provide new tactics and challenges for your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze, including:
  • 12x Gorechosen of Dromm objective cards
  • 10x Gorechosen of Dromm upgrade cards
  • 10x Gorechosen of Dromm gambit cards (includes 3x Domain card)
  • 6x Universal objective cards, usable by any warband
  • 7x Universal upgrade cards, usable by any warband (includes 1x Map card and 1x Domain card)
  • 7x Universal gambit cards, usable by any warband (includes 2x Domain cards)
  • 12x Grand Alliance cards, usable by any warband belonging to the specified Grand Alliance
  • 1x Gorechosen of Dromm Warband Background / Rivals Deck Card
  • 1x cover card

Miniatures in this box are supplied unpainted and require assembly