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Warhammer 40,000 - Orks Dice Set

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Key Features

  • This set of 16 themed dice will have you yelling Waaagh!
  • Bring down the luck of Mork (or maybe Gork) on your army
  • Cast in pearlescent green plastic with dark metallic ink and an Ork icon on the '6'

Orks love dakka. They also love getting stuck in. What they love best is getting stuck in with lots of dakka and plenty of mates – join the Waaagh! on every roll, using these themed dice!

A set of 16 six-sided dice for games of Warhammer 40,000, themed around the Orks. These dice are cast in a green colour, with a pearlescent swirl effect and pig-iron dark metallic markings. The 1-5 facings are traditionally pipped, but each '6' facing is instead decorated with a horned skull – the icon of the Orks.

– 16x square-cornered D6 dice, each measuring 16x16x16mm, in a pearlescent green colour with metallic ink