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Magic: The Gathering - Challenger Decks 2022 Mono White Aggro

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Challenger Decks are the perfect entry point for players looking to dive right into the Standard fray.

They're ready to play right out of the box and feature a lineup of cards from top-level competitive Standard decks.


  • 60-card ready-to-play deck (includes basic lands)
  • 15-card sideboard
  • 1 deck box (can hold 75 sleeved cards)

Please note:

The mono-white Standard Challenger Deck set to release on April 1st, 2022 will contain 3x copies of the now Standard banned Faceless Haven. In terms of what this means for paper and digital formats, please see below:

1. For paper formats: This deck will still be legal for tournament play in paper Magic: The Gathering formats, but only as-is. Specifically, the 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard will be legal as long as no changes are made to it.

2. For digital formats: Both Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online will be handling these bans in the same way they normally handle Standard bans. Since the challenger decks are not offered as a product on either platform, there will not be an exception to Standard legality to allow that precise list of cards in Standard play.